FAQs for Buyers

How do I become a buyer?
It’s easy! Just come to one of our estate sales. Sign up to receive weekly email notifications with links to hundreds of photos of items from upcoming sales. That way you won’t miss out on any opportunity to find treasures.

What are the shopping “rules”?
Rules are how we keep everyone happy. Shopping is fun and fair once you know the “How-To’s.” First, it is first come, first served – so get up early if you’ve seen something in our photos that you absolutely must have. For your convenience while you shop, Margie Beegle Estate Sales, Inc. provides sold tables at each sale near the checkout so just bring carry-able items to these tables – but ONLY if you’re sure you want them. When you place a marked item on the sold table, that means you’ve agreed to buy it. For larger items, ask a worker – always identified with a Margie Beegle Estate Sales, Inc. nametag – to mark it “sold” for you and they will put a big pink “sold” card on the item with your name and number and give you a card to carry to the checkout when you are ready. All sales are as-is and final so just be a careful shopper and you will have a great time.

Can I bring my child or infant with me?
Margie Beegle Estate Sales, Inc. values children first and foremost and because of this we don’t allow any infants or children under 15 into our sales. We were the FIRST company in Houston to establish this rule and it is meant to protect your baby or child from injury.

Can I bargain on price?
Margie Beegle Sales, Inc. values every client and because of this we treat every single shopper equally. That’s why we’ve established a firm full-price and discount policy depending on the length of the sale. Our longstanding system ensures that everyone knows the rules and that the playing field is fair to all. Here’s how it works: For a one-day sale we are full price for the first half of the day, after which prices are reduced by 30%, and then mid-way through second part of day we reduce prices by 50%. For a two-day sale we are full price the first day, 30% off the morning of the second day, and then at the half-way mark prices drop to 50% off. Finally, for a three-day sale we are full price for the first day, 30% off for the second day, and 50% off for the third and final day.

Can I bring my purse to the sale?
Yes, but purses must be small (about the size of a 8½ by 11 inch piece of paper) because sometimes the houses are so chock full of items that we have had clients break things with their purses. So, to protect both you and the valuables we ask that shoppers keep their purses smaller for the sales.

Can I bring an empty bag to shop with?
Absolutely, and we encourage you to fill it!

Do you take checks?
No. To keep it simple and make it easy for everyone we take cash, MasterCard, and Discover.

Closing Time.
In order to make sure that all shoppers can be properly checked out by the posted time of closing, Margie Beegle Estate Sales, Inc., has all shoppers exit the floor and go to check-out 15 minutes prior to closing. At this point we also do not allow new shoppers into the sale as they would not be able to purchase any items. We encourage shoppers to arrive at least 45 minutes before closing so that they have sufficient time to shop and purchase their treasures.

Do you move items?
We are sellers and our insurance policy will not allow us to move any item. That means that if we move any item, we risk incurring tremendous liability for both our clients and us. However, we allow you to pick up items the day after the sale and this gives you the time to hire a professional mover, or come back with friends, if you cannot move your item on your own.

What happens if I become addicted to your sales?
Then you, like thousands of other happy clients, will visit us week after week saving money, finding treasures, and becoming part of our circle of estate sale friends.