Our Services:

Full-service Estate Management
Don’t lift a finger! We do it all, from set-up to sale and beyond. Our experienced team of professionals will organize, clean, and arrange the contents for the best visual appeal. The entire estate will be expertly priced. Research and authentication, if required, is included. We promote each sale by advertising in local papers and we feature the sale on our website. Strategic neighborhood signage is utilized during the sale, where allowed. Private sales in restricted areas are equally successful due to our email list of thousands of regular buyers. Many of our sales sell to the bare walls but should anything be left after the sale, we can arrange a buy-out or donation to a local charity, which will provide you with a receipt for income tax purposes. We’ll even meet the charity for pick-up. We do it all!

Partial Estates and Consignments
We also accept consignments, ranging from single items to partial estates, at many of our sales. If you inherit a small estate or just have a few items to sell, consignment can be a good option to consider.

Auction Options
Sometimes an item deserves special attention from a national or international buying audience. Margie Beegle Estate Sales, Inc. has cultivated relationships with the most trusted and established local and national auction houses and can skillfully arrange all aspects of sending an item to auction when this option is the best choice for the estate..

Appraisal Services
Appraisals consist of detailed descriptions, extensive photographs, and current market values of an estate or business. Should you need an appraisal, please contact us to discuss this service.

We have in place a solid 24/7 Security Program. There is an alarm system and an armed guard at each house.

Whatever service you require, whether you are downsizing, have inherited an estate, or are acting as an executor, it is vital that you make the RIGHT DECISION regarding who will handle your estate and your valuables. Only Margie Beegle Estate Sales, Inc. offers you ALL of the following: